Avro 504K          G-EBKB

The photograph was taken by my grandfather, Fredrick J. Parkinson, in approximately 1930. The exact date and location is unknown, as is the gentleman next to the aircraft.

The wording on the side of the aircraft is "Berkshire Aviation Tours Ltd. - Air Port of Manchester". The colour scheme could be red and silver which, I believe, was that adopted by the company.



I have the original "1/4 plate" film negative. This was a quick scan placing the negative in a 5"x4" holder which was fairly successful. I have done some 'electronic retouching' using Photoshop but it could do with a bit more!


More info on this aircraft can be found on Rich Allenby's site recording aircraft crashes on and around the North Yorks Moors. One of his grandfather's photos can be seen below. Ths shows 'g-ebkb' possibly on the beach at Scarborough.



The following also from Rich Allenby's site


The following is from David Bednall who kindly sent me the scan of 'g-ebkb' in early colours at East Hanney, prior to its move to the north of England.

G-EBKB originally was a military m/c (E 2969). It received a civilian "certificate of airworthyness" on 13 Sept 1924 and was registered with Mr F J V Holmes, trading as "Berkshire Aviation Tours Ltd". They were amalgamated with "Northern Air Lines" in May 1929.  'BKB force-landed in the sea off Scarborough on 13 Sept (again!) 1931, was salvaged and then scrapped.